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    FIPA presents: New robust vacuum cups for the packaging and plastics industry

    Durable, secure-grip, non-marking: FIPA has extended its range with the extremely wear-resistant Monoflex bellows vacuum cups from the SP-BX1 and SP-BX2 series. The vacuum cup material combines the elasticity of rubber with the durability of polyurethane.

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    The almost non-marking Monoflex bellows vacuuum cup is the perfect choice for gripping cartons and other uneven and porous materials, such as cardboard, textured plastics and composites with a raw surface. The vacuum cup is made from extremely wear-resistant polyurethane (hardness 50° Shore A) and adapts perfectly to flat and convex product surfaces. Folds provide good height and angle compensation. Thanks to the excellent resetting the bellows vacuum cup is suitable for applications with short cycle times. The Monoflex bellows vacuuum cup is identical in construction to the tried and tested Varioflex® vacuum cup. The SP-BX1 (1.5 folds) and SP-BX2 (2.5 folds) series of the Monoflex bellows vacuuum cup are however targetted at customers in the packaging and plastics sector, who may wish to use the advantages of the Varioflex® vacuum cup, but do not require its flexible sealing lip.

    FIPA offers the oil- and ozone-resistant vacuum cups in versions from 10 mm to 75 mm diameter with 1.5 folds (SP-BX1) and 2.5 folds (SP-BX2). Bellow vacuum cups with a filter disc are ideal for use in a dusty environment. On request, FIPA delivers the vacuum cup with integrated filter disc from a diameter of 26 mm. The filter disc is included in delivery from a diameter of 77 mm.

    The FIPA Monoflex bellows vacuum cups at a glance:

    Secure-grip: Good fitting to uneven and porous surfaces
    Long life: Minimization of machine downtime
    Material polyurethane: Extremely wear-resistant and almost non-marking
    Short cycle times: Excellent resetting allows you to immediately begin a new gripping procedure