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    Cobot Smart Gripper CSG: Area gripper for cobots in 3 versions

    The right solution for any requirement

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    Compact, lightweight and energy-saving - especially for use with cobots
    Three versions enable an infinite number of possible applications and always offer an optimum solution depending on the product and surface.
    The version with internal electric vacuum pump is a technical evolution in the field of energy efficiency and paves the way for compressed air-free production.

    Cobots enable direct collaboration with team members and can be used flexibly and in a space-saving manner, especially for monotonous and physically demanding work steps. As a result, the goals of process improvement, cost savings and employee wellbeing can be achieved in parallel. An important consideration in the use of cobots is a suitable gripper which should be lightweight, universally usable and quick to integrate.

    Brochure (PDF) 

    The Cobot Smart Gripper at a glance

    The Cobot Smart Gripper at a glance

    • Solution-oriented: Variable use and customer-oriented solution thanks to three product versions
    • Cost-efficient: Maximizing efficiency in cost-effectiveness. Intelligent control with automatic energy saving
    • Smart handling: Surface gripper for cobots and small industrial robots
    • Compressed air-free production: Version with internal electric vacuum pump
    • Low dead weight: Optimal use of the robot payload
    • Flexible use: Pick and place in production and logistics
    • Plug & play: Gripper can be operated quickly and easily
    • High compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of cobots and industrial robots
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    Pick and place in the packaging industry

    Pick and place in the packaging industry

    The new area gripper - Cobot Smart Gripper is the perfect companion for pick and place tasks in the packaging industry with low payloads of up to 35 kg, depending on the nature of the surfaces and products.
    Smart stands for compactness and intelligent control.
    At just 300 x 130 mm, the surface gripper is very compact and space-saving, making it ideal for palletizing cartons.

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    Three versions of the area gripper

    Three versions of the area gripper

    The intelligent control system with automatic energy-saving function makes the Cobot Smart Gripper a very economical gripper. 

    All versions have an in-built display to show the actual and target vacuum levels. Process parameters can be set using buttons next to the display. The flange connection to the cobot conforms to the ISO 9409-1 standard. Thanks to the user-friendly software, the area gripper can be set up and operated intuitively. 
    Our Cobot Smart Gripper is compatible with all top cobot brands as well as wide range of industrial robots, regardless of the users’ levels of expertise or experience. The specific integration software is also available for selected cobots, enabling plug&play operation.

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