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    FIPALIFT Tube lifter: Next generation lifting technology

    Tube lifters from FIPA offer creative solutions for individual lifting problems and are suitable for applications in a wide range of industries.

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    Schlauchheber FIPALIFTswift

    Move loads effortlessly

    Even more intuitive, even more powerful, even simpler! Processes become faster and safer while at the same time relieving the strain on employees. The FIPALIFTswift is a particularly ergonomic tube lifter with a lifting capacity of up to 40 kg. It is designed for the rapid and frequent transfer of loads. Whether parcels or crates, canisters or barrels. Even suitcases or bags in baggage handling at airports are no problem.

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    Tube lifter FIPALIFTpro

    Powerful, intuitive lifting

    With the new FIPALIFTpro tube lifter, even heavy loads can be moved effortlessly and efficiently.

    The unique design of its operating handle enables the FIPALIFTpro to powerfully lift loads up to 75 kg with just one hand. It is ready for use quickly, easy to understand and uncompromisingly user-friendly in its operation. In addition to its excellent ergonomics, the FIPALIFTpro scores with outstanding economy and durability.

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    For heavy & bulky loads

    The new FIPALIFTmax tube lifter can be used universally and has versatile accessories.

    The uncomplicated control via rotary handle makes the FIPALIFTmax the perfect lifting aid for heavy goods. Precise control and lifting power of up to 160 kg enable this tube lifter to move plates, discs, sheet metal, bags and boxes easily and safely. Coordinated accessories such as vacuum cups, grippers and cross beams make this tube lifter a highly variable lifting tool.

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    Universal gripping pad FORMHAND

    One size fits all

    FORMHAND is a universal gripping pad for flexibilisation of production & logistics.

    The FORMHAND technology is ingeniously simple: the freely deformable gripping pad is filled with freely movable granulate and nestles seamlessly against any surface. As soon as a vacuum is applied to the system, it becomes firm and fixes the gripped object. This enables the FORMHAND to gently pick up objects with complex and changing geometries.

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    Vacuum lifter FIPA Spider

    Modular and lightweight

    The FIPA Spider vacuum lifter can be customized individually and has a load capacity of up to 500 kg.

    When developing the FIPA Spider, modularity was the primary thinking principle. All components such as vacuum pumps or vacuum cups can be adapted to the lifting task and are ready for immediate use - "plug & play". Coordinated accessories such as chain hoists and crane technology make this vacuum lifter an intelligent alternative in many applications.

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