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    Flat shipping rates


    Country Shipping costs*
    Austria EUR 12,50
    Belgium EUR 13,00
    Bulgaria EUR 40,00
    Croatia EUR 20,00
    Czech Republic EUR 19,00
    Denmark EUR 13,00
    Estonia EUR 19,00
    Finland EUR 20,00
    France EUR 15,00
    Germany EUR 9,00
    Greece EUR 24,00
    Hungary EUR 25,00
    Ireland EUR 18,00
    Italy EUR 15,00
    Latvia EUR 19,00
    Lithuania EUR 25,00
    Luxembourg EUR 13,00
    Netherlands EUR 13,00
    Poland EUR 15,00
    Portugal EUR 35,00
    Romania EUR 35,00
    Slovakia EUR 20,00
    Slovenia EUR 20,00
    Spain EUR 35,00
    Sweden EUR 25,00
    United Kingdom EUR 15,00


    Note: For all countries that are not listed in the table, the shipping costs - and in some cases the additional costs incurred for export declaration, export and customs duties - will be calculated according to expenditure and indicated with the order confirmation or the invoice. The costs of items that have to be transported by freight carrier due to their size and weight are also shown separately.